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opzionibinarieopinioni com

We will bring together mindfulness practices, the Hakomi Method and other somatic approaches, and nature-based practices. This daylong exploration in Nature is for therapists, social workers, psychologists, life coaches, body workers, psychiatrists and other healing arts professionals.

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Participants must have some experience with the Hakomi Method and other mindfulness-based practices. Enrollment is limited to 12 people.

opzionibinarieopinioni com

Learn how to deepen into internal experience through mindfulness of relational experience in Nature. Learn several Nature-based techniques for accessing core-level experience.

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Engage the power of shared group experience and community opzionibinarieopinioni com Nature, and its impact upon the way we experience ourselves.

About Hakomi Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy offers an elegant, comprehensive and highly effective approach to human change.

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Hakomi combines mindfulness, unique and powerful somatic techniques, and a focus on present experience to access and transform deeply held, life-limiting core beliefs. Opzionibinarieopinioni com over 30 years Hakomi has pioneered and integrated the use of mindfulness in the human opzionibinarieopinioni com process.

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It is backed by thousands of hours of clinical applications opzionibinarieopinioni com research opzionibinarieopinioni com the neurological underpinnings of mindfulness. Psychotherapists can successfully use Hakomi in a wide range opzionibinarieopinioni com applications including individual, couples and family therapy and group work.

opzionibinarieopinioni com

The Hakomi Method also offers cutting-edge skills for coaches, health professionals and others who work to support human change and growth.

Opzionibinarieopinioni com more about the Hakomi Method.

opzionibinarieopinioni com

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