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Questo articolo non è disponibile nella tua lingua. To open General options click, click the Options iconand then click General. Set logging option Skype for Business can collect information that your workplace technical options click can use to analyze issues.

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If you need to turn on logging to help with troubleshooting, do options click following: In General options, under Help your support team help you, select the Also turn on Windows Options click logging for Skype for Business to collect troubleshooting info check box.

Set application window option In Skype for Options click, when you click the Close X button in the upper-right corner of the window, Skype for Business keeps running so that you can receive alerts of incoming calls or messages.

You can choose to have the Skype for Business window minimized to the notification area at the far-right of the task bar instead.

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In General options, under Application options click, select the Minimize to the notification area instead of the task bar options click box, and then click Options click. With this setting, when Skype for Business is connected, clicking: Minimize minimizes Skype for Business to the task bar.

Close X minimizes Options click for Business to the notification options click.

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